Sheriffs keeping deputies out of Portland

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Though Portland protesters are growing smaller in number, a deadly clash over the weekend prompted Oregon’s governor to call on outside law enforcement agencies to rein in demonstrations. Two Portland-area sheriff’s departments said Monday that they will not deploy deputies.

Despite Gov. Kate Brown’s announcement on Sunday that three neighboring law enforcement jurisdictions and Oregon State Police would help the Portland Police Bureau respond to the protests, the Clackamas County and Washington County Sheriff’s Offices said Monday they will not send deputies due to what they said were policy disagreements and a lack of political support from Portland officials for law enforcement.


“Increasing law enforcement resources in Portland will not solve the nightly violence and now, murder,” Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts said. “The only way to make Portland safe again, is to support a policy that holds offenders accountable for their destruction and violence.”

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office issued a similar statement, saying it will support efforts in “indirect ways like analyzing risks associated with social media, air support, and assisting with specific criminal investigations.”

Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett said a lack of “political support for public safety, the uncertain legal landscape, the current volatility combined with intense scrutiny on use of force presents an unacceptable risk if deputies were deployed directly.”

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