Portland protesters barricade courthouse with federal officers inside — try to set it on fire

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New York Post:

Portland protesters barricaded federal officers inside a courthouse — and tried to set the building on fire — as the two groups clashed again Tuesday night into Wednesday.

As hundreds chanted “Black lives matter” and “Feds go home,” a team of protesters propped several wood beams and sand bags against a door to the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse, according to tweets from Clypian, an online news outlet run by South Salem High School students.

Videos posted by the Clypian throughout the night show protesters yanking off plywood covering another entrance and the feds launching tear gas and pepper bombs at the crowds. At one point, someone tosses a firework at the officers, which explodes at their feet.

Protests have been raging in Portland for more than 50 days — but tensions between demonstrators and police have escalated in recent days following President Trump’s deployment of federal officers to the city.

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