Polls Showing Great News for Trump In Wake of Dem Convention (caveat: pre-Biden speech)

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EDITOR’S NOTE – Will it hold after Biden managed to beat VERY LOW expectations in his acceptance speech? We’ll be watching!

Normally, during a party convention, the party’s presidential candidate gets a bump just because of the attention and focus on him/her.

But given the absolutely dismal fail that the Democratic virtual convention has been – failed ratings, the endorsement of radical BLM movement and the crazy postal conspiracy theory, Barack and Michelle Obama both telling audacious lies – one can’t expect much of a bump.

But the candidate apparently did get a bump. President Donald Trump, that is. According to the Rasmussen poll, it was Trump who got the bump and went up four points in just 24 hours.

The numbers jumped up from 47% approval before the DNC convention to now 51%. But this isn’t the only positive movement. Several polls have shown Trump making up ground over the past few weeks.

In a state where one might have thought he probably didn’t have a chance of winning, Minnesota, a suddenly it appears he does. While a Republican hasn’t won there since 1972, even with the big Reagan landslide in 1984, Trump came within a couple of points in 2016.

The Trafalgar Group poll shows Biden and Trump tied at 47 percent, with Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate at 4 percent in Minnesota. At the end of July, the poll had shown Trump trailing by 5 points. This poll was conducted over the first and second days of the DNC as they were endorsing the BLM and pretending violent rioters were “peaceful protesters.”

In Minnesota where they lived the violence first hand, this isn’t going to go over well as dealing in reality. Democrats presented no policy as to how they might protect people or improve their injured economic status, just cobbled together visuals of trying to appeal to interest groups including people talking about abolishing police, prisons and capitalism at a time when people want to be assured of their personal and economic security.

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