Pollak: We Cannot Have a Supreme Court Justice Who Thinks Constitution Is Racist


Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is an admirer of Critical Race Theory, the “1619 Project,” and Black Lives Matter, all of which hold beliefs about the United States and its laws that make it impossible for her to serve in good faith on the Supreme Court.

Her beliefs were revealed in a recently unearthed lecture delivered to the University of Michigan Law School — not as a young student, but as a sitting federal judge in 2020, confirmed a year later to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

Somehow Judge Jackson’s radical beliefs escaped close scrutiny in previous confirmations, but the Supreme Court defines the central principles of our republic, and its nominees invariably receive more careful attention, and quite deservedly so.

Moreover, Judge Jackson is the first Supreme Court nominee to be selected explicitly because of her race and gender. President Joe Biden declared that his first nominee would be a black woman, thereby invoking the kind of discrimination that the Supreme Court itself has said is unconstitutional.

There are pending cases about racial discrimination that Judge Jackson would hear as a Supreme Court justice, and therefore it is important to investigate her views on these topics closely.


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