Pollak: Delinquent DOJ Made Impeachment Necessary

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Critics of the Republican decision to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden claim that there is not enough evidence to justify it.But leaving aside the ample evidence — the funds from China and elsewhere to Biden’s family; the lies Biden told about his knowledge of his family’s business interests; the boast Biden made about firing a Ukrainian prosecutor — the simple reason is that the Department of Justice (DOJ) made it necessary.

That is because the DOJ was caught offering Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, an absurdly generous plea agreement, one that would have seen him avoid jail time for felonies that would have put anyone else behind bars. Then, Attorney General Merrick Garland, having resisted appointing a Special Counsel to investigate the Biden controversy, gave that title to U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who offered the sweetheart deal and let the investigation drag on for years.The DOJ had already suffered diminished credibility in public eyes after pushing the “Russia collusion” hoax, in which it embraced a fraudulent “dossier” against President Donald Trump, and lied to a surveillance court. None of the leaders of that effort has ever been prosecuted or punished.