Pollak: 10 Media Myths Exploded During the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

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The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has busted several myths propagated by the media and the Democrats about what happened during the Black Lives Matter riots on Aug. 25, 2020 — which then-candidate Joe Biden failed to condemn until the third day.

1. “White supremacist”: There was never any evidence that Rittenhouse was a “white supremacist,” even by the time Biden made that false claim last September. The prosecution confirmed that fact during the trial when it failed to produce evidence of any kind that Rittenhouse was a “white supremacist” or had racial motivations. The owners of the car dealership who asked Rittenhouse and others for help were Indian-American.

2. Rittenhouse shot first: Actually, a rioter named Joshua Ziminski was the first to fire shots during the fateful melée at the car dealership that Rittenhouse had rushed to protect. Though Rittenhouse testified that he did not see or hear the shots, they were the first ones fired that evening, shortly before Rittenhouse shot his first pursuer, a rioter named Joseph Rosenbaum.

3. Rosenbaum was a “peaceful protester”: Though the prosecution tried to portray Rosenbaum as a concerned citizen who just happened to show up at the riot, even Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger had to admit that Rosenbaum had been committing violent acts that night, including setting things on fire, and using the “N-word” to threaten other people. Binger tried to make light of the crimes Rosenbaum committed — an odd strategy, considering he is prosecuting Ziminski for arson.

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