Poll Stunner: Super Majority of Mexicans Support AMLO Blocking Migrant Caravans, Using Troops to Guard Border as ‘Trump’s Wall’

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While liberal activists derisively accused him of building and paying for “Trump’s wall” by putting Mexican troops on the border with Guatemala to interdict migrant caravans, a new poll shows a sharp increase of support so that now a super majority of Mexicans are in favor of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (nicknamed AMLO) in his efforts to secure Mexico’s southern border. AMLO sent National Guard forces to the border last month to stop caravans from crossing through Mexico to the United States and deport them to their home countries. The poll also shows a majority of Mexicans agree with the idea that Mexico is acting as “Trump’s wall”, but that has not impacted the strong support for AMLO or his extraordinary actions against the caravan migrants. 64 percent support closing Mexico’s border to migrants and 73 percent support using troops to stop the flow of migrants. AMLO’s approval rating is 71 percent.