Poll: Little Support for Military Involvement with Russia and Ukraine

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Americans largely do not support intervening militarily in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine and prefer diplomatic pressure or weapons support, a Convention of States/Trafalgar Group survey released Friday found.

The survey asked respondents, “What level of involvement should the U.S. have if Russia invades Ukraine?”

Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and has continuously occupied the Crimean peninsula, contrary to international law. Evidence strongly suggests Russia is also involved in the conflict between the Ukrainian military and “separatists” in the eastern Donbas region, though Moscow insists the conflict is a civil war. The survey appeared to be asking about a separate, future invasion of Ukraine, not the invasions currently underway.

Just short of one-third, 31.1 percent, said the U.S. should “provide supplies and military weapons,” followed by 30.5 percent who said to “provide only diplomatic area pressure.” Combined, that shows that most Americans prefer actions that do not directly involve U.S. military action.

Less than a quarter, 23.3 percent, said the U.S. should “provide U.S. military advisors,” while just 15.3 percent said the U.S. should “provide U.S. troops as boots on the ground” in such an event.

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