Poll: Less than Half of America Believes Joe Biden Won the Election


Less than half of the American people believe Joe Biden (D) won the presidential election, according to a Tuesday survey from Just the News Daily and independent pollster Scott Rasmussen.

The survey, fielded November 5-7 among 1,200 registered voters, asked respondents, “Who do you believe legitimately won the presidential election this year?”

It found that 49 percent, overall, believe Biden won the presidential election. Over one-third of voters, or 34 percent, believe Trump won the presidential election, and 16 percent are “not sure” who won.

Views are sharply divided along partisan lines. Over three-fourths of Republicans, 77 percent, believe Trump won, compared to 12 percent who said Biden and 11 percent who said they were unsure. By contrast, 87 percent of Democrats believe the former vice president won, six percent believe Trump won, and seven percent remain unsure. While a plurality of independents, 42 percent, said Biden won, nearly a quarter said Trump won, and one-third remain unsure.

Democrats comprised 37 percent of the weighted sample, followed by Republicans (32 percent), and others outside of either major party (30 percent). The survey concluded prior to major news networks calling the race for the former vice president on Saturday.

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