Politician Named ‘Adolf Hitler’ Wins Election in Namibia


A man named Adolf Hitler Uunona won a local election in northern Namibia on November 26, Africanews reported Thursday.

The politician was elected as a local councilor in the small town of Ompundja with 85 percent of the vote. He ran as a member of Namibia’s ruling SWAPO party, which has governed the country since it gained independence from South Africa in 1990. As a former German colony from 1884-1914, Namibia was known as German South West Africa.

Interviewed by the German newspaper Bild on Thursday, Uunona confirmed that his father named him after the German politician and Nazi party leader, Adolf Hitler (1889-1945).

“It was a perfectly normal name for me when I was a kid. It wasn’t until I grew older that I realized that this man wanted to subjugate the whole world and killed millions of Jews,” he told the publication.


When asked by the German newspaper Bild why he had not changed his name once he became aware of its negative connotations, Uunona replied that it was “too late.”

“It’s in all official documents; it’s too late for that,” he explained.

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