‘Politically Correct Gibberish’ – German Public Broadcaster Accused of Wanting to ‘Cover Up’ Migrant Riots

A public broadcaster in Germany has been accused of trying to “cover up” migrant riots in Berlin on New Year’s Eve.

Tagesschau, a public news broadcaster in Germany, has come under fire for its coverage of riots that took place in Berlin during New Year’s Eve, with one publication going so far as to accuse the broadcaster of trying to “cover up” the large proportion of migrants involved in the violence.

Although other elements within the country’s political sphere have tried to shift the focus of the riots to the issue of banning fireworks under the auspices that this would reduce violence, even some of the more hardline senior left-wing politicians in the country have since admitted that many involved in the violence are young men with migrant backgrounds.

According to a report by Bild, Tagesschau repeatedly avoided making reference to the sizable migrant involvement in the violence, with the broadcaster even reportedly claiming that “most” of those arrested in relation to the violence were German.

However, Bild has labelled this claim as being “simply wrong”, with multiple sources — including Tagesschau itself — having since confirmed that only 45 of the 145 arrested hold a German passport.

Bild has also accused the public broadcaster of editing a statement made by a Berlin firefighter in one of its reports so as to exclude the part where he claims that the individuals at the centre of the violence were “adolescents, mostly with a migration background”.


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