Police: Woman Took Carjacker’s Gun, Shot Him in Head

A Nevada woman took away a carjacker’s gun in Las Vegas, tried to flee, then ended up shooting the carjacker dead when he tackled her from behind, according to police.

FOX News reports that the incident occurred November 19, 2022, but a police report was just released, providing details.

FOX 5 notes that the woman and a friend pulled up outside a residence where a party was scheduled to occur. The woman and her friend were early, so they sat in the car to wait for the party to start.

While they waited, two men with guns allegedly approached their vehicle, and one of the men grabbed her shirt and pulled her out of the car.

The man then got into her car and put his gun down in his lap. The woman grabbed the gun and took off running.

The police report indicates the suspect chased the woman and tackled her, at which point she shot the suspect in the head, fatally wounding him.

The second carjacking suspect allegedly opened fire on the woman, so she fled into a nearby backyard and hid.


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