Police launch investigation after wrestling match turns into bloody brawl

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This is the gruesome moment a family wrestling match turned into a bloody “death match” as fighters attacked each other with glass.

Police launched a probe after the performers used a weed wacker and lightbulbs to batter each other.

The Colliery Championship Wrestling (CCW) event had not advertised it was a death match and even offered discount family tickets, the BBC reports.

Organizer James Barrass said the fight “escalated” between wrestlers Ronnie Thatcher and Blizzard, who used weapons without his knowledge.

But he said medics present at the event “didn’t have to do too much”.

“Things can sometimes not go to plan. Obviously there was a little bit more that went down,” Barrass said. “I spoke to the two guys afterwards. We had discussions and obviously that will not be happening again.”

The promoter admitted the event “wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea” but added: “We have apologized but how many times do you say sorry?

“How many times do you have to be penalized in life?”

Shocking footage showed the blood-covered wrestlers being slashed with the weed wacker and having glass lighting tubes smashed over them.

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