Podcast Monologue: The Death of Faith in America

Savage at NewsMax:

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Today, I am going to talk about the death of faith in America.

This has a double meaning: The death of faith, per se, in America. And the death of “faith in America.”

You could say the death of religion and we still have religion, but do we still have faith?

I will talk about the differences between faith and religion, glimpses of God in things we see and do.

I will talk about how Christianity seems to be dying while Islam is growing.

I will discuss the crucifixion and what Christ means if you’re not a Christian.

I will talk about my early days, my travels to the South Pacific islands collecting medicinal plants, and how they had a deeper meaning than I may have known at the time. I discussed spirituality with the indigenous peoples of the South Pacific islands.

All good religions teach “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” There’s not a religion on earth that does not teach that except one.

The Jewish religion is the hardest to follow because it’s complicated.

I will discuss the meaning of the garden of Eden, and the land of nod. And I will tell you how religion and faith connects you to the power of the universe.

Let me begin with this.

We now have churches in America, let’s call them the “United churches of the woke.”

A friend of mine wrote and said, “Michael, churches won’t be destroyed or repurposed under the new communism as they were in Russia. Rather, communism is the new religion and the churches, their indoctrination facilities, are woke.”

“The new Bible interpretation is really communist indoctrination. The plague spreads. It’s a full on attack on every institution,” the friend added. “And we ask what is next? Evil knows no limits.”

What began with Karl Marx and the Unitarian church is now infecting traditional churches as well.

You have to go back to the schizophrenia of Christianity itself, faith versus good works, which is an ambiguity that goes all the way back to the disciples and early councils.

Faith is about personal belief and a relationship with Jesus: confession and salvation. Good works is about living your life as the man Jesus supposedly did.

Christianity was almost entirely faith-based for many centuries, but in the 20th century the faith interpretation took a beating from science.

Darwin bashed creationism. Freud bashed religion as an illusion based on childish impulses.

And then totalitarian regimes used science as leverage to gain control. As you know, Marx called faith “the opiate of the masses” and right now communists are burning churches, especially in Canada.

In the 20th century, faith became unfashionable among Western intelligentsia.

There were notable exceptions, such Albert Einstein, but even the Catholics got in on it with Vatican II.

It was intended to update the church; they killed the Latin liturgy.

And now the current Pope — whom I call “the bouncer” — is lecturing us on immigration and climate change.

If you can believe this? A Pope lecturing us on immigration and climate change!

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