PM Truss Had 90-Minute ‘Shouting Match’ with Ex-Home Secretary over Immigration Betrayal

Prime Minister Liz Truss reportedly had a 90-minute “shouting match” with the now-former Home Secretary Suella Braverman over broken promises, particularly on controlling immigration, before the latter was forced from office.

Braverman, who along with Kemi Badenoch — now Trade Secretary — was seen as the “right-wing” candidate by grassroots conservatives during the race to replace Boris Johnson, as a Brexit supporter who put a focus on tackling illegal migration, reducing legal mass migration, and taking on social justice leftists in British institutions over the course of her leadership campaign.

Like Badenoch, Braverman was not allowed to reach the final two candidates ordinary party members were allowed to choose from, but the former Attorney-General was brought into the Cabinet by Truss as a sop to members considered by the issues she had campaigned as Home Secretary — broadly responsible for policing, national security, and immigration in government.

Unlike predecessor Priti Patel, however, Braverman continued to push immigration control in word and deed, leading to significant tensions with a Prime Minister who was not especially interested in it — indeed, Truss declined to make the ever-worsening Channel Migrant crisis a priority on taking office and has been pushing to increase immigration in the name of “growth”.

Unlike tax cuts and energy bills support, key parts of the Truss platform she has been forced to abandon or reduce as the party establishment led by anti-Brexit lockdown authoritarian Jeremy Hunt takes charge of her floundering government, increased immigration is still part of her agenda — and reportedly caused a blazing row with Braverman ahead of her exit from government.


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