Plug-in hybrid cars ’emit THREE TIMES more carbon dioxide than official figures suggest’ because they are heavier than petrol vehicles and people are forgetting to plug them in

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Hybrid cars were touted as greener because the electric motor can save petrol

However, studies have shown the vehicles are often less efficient than claimed

One problem is that the electric motor and battery add weight to the vehicles

And many drivers are neglecting to charge them, turning this into dead weight

This follows the UK Government announcing a ban on hybrid sales from 2035

Plug-in hybrid cars can emit up to three times more carbon dioxide than advertised as real-world tests show some are more polluting than lighter petrol vehicles. Hybrid cars make use of a battery-powered electric motor to support their internal combustion engine and are often touted as a green choice. However, aseries of studies have revealed that the fuel consumption rates of the hybrid vehicles are far greater in the real world than in testing conditions. The reason for this is that hybrids — which contain an extra electric motor and battery — tend to be heavier than their petrol counterparts. In addition, many plug-in hybrid owners are neglecting to charge their vehicles, running them on petrol alone and losing the benefits of the dual system. The findings come in the wake of the UK Government’s announcement on Thursday that sales of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars will be banned from 2035 onwards. The move — intended to reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions — advances the timeline for phasing out fossil fuel-driven cars by five years.


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