Pinkerton: Democrats Use the Threat of Court-Packing


Today, we’re getting a real-time lesson in how Washington works. It’s an ongoing drama. We can all observe as the Democrats and their allies in the Main Stream Media seek to intimidate the Supreme Court, trying to scare it away from issuing conservative rulings.

Democrats are saying, in effect, That’s a nice Supreme Court ya got there. Shame if anything were to happen to it.

Needless to say, this is not how our system is supposed to work. According to our Constitution, the judicial branch—of which the Supreme Court is the head—is intended to be an independent and equal branch of the federal government.

As James Madison wrote in Federalist 51—part of a series of pamphlets from 1787-1788 that have shaped our understanding of the Constitution ever since—the essence of our republican system “consists in giving to those who administer each [branch], the necessary constitutional means, and personal motives, to resist encroachments of the others.”

Yet these days, two branches of the federal government, the executive and the legislative—both currently controlled by Democrats—are encroaching hard on the Court, which currently consists of six Republican appointees and three Democratic appointees. This Democratic pressure campaign could succeed because, as we’ll see later on, it’s succeeded before.

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