Photos show ‘F–k the Police,’ ‘F–k Amerikkka’ flags hanging in Los Angeles classroom

NY Post

A classroom at a Los Angeles public high school was decorated with hateful posters reading “F–k the Police” and “F–k Amerikkka” — as well as a Black Lives Matter flag, photos show. The vicious, anti-American posters, shared on social media, adorned a history classroom at Alexander Hamilton High School. One picture shows a poster declaring “F–k Amerikkka, This is Native Land” and another taking aim at law enforcement officials. “Policing is a violent, anti-black settler institution that originated as slave patrols,” the poster reads. “Their primary mandate is to protect property and to militarily enforce white supremacist capitalism. They are doing their jobs as they are trained and paid to do. You can’t fix what isn’t broken. That’s why we fight for police and prison abolition. F–k the Police.” Another image shows a classroom blackboard covered with the Palestinian flag, as well as pride and transgender banners alongside another supporting Black Lives Matter. A US flag, meanwhile, appeared to be draped over a piece of furniture in a corner. The divisive display was shared Tuesday on Twitter by Parents Defending Education, which describes itself on its website as “a national grassroots organization” fighting “indoctrination in the classroom.” However, the group’s president and founder, Nicole Neily, describes herself as a “think tank executive” on her LinkedIn profile and has worked in senior positions for conservative groups including the Independent Women’s Forum and Cato Institute, according to the group’s website.

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