Photos of Johnny Depp ‘passed out,’ cocaine shown in Amber Heard trial


Johnny Depp is now starring in some of the lousiest pictures of his career. 

The Virginia jury hearing the actor’s defamation suit against ex-wife Amber Heard was shown a series of embarrassing images displayed Thursday, including a photo of him with ice cream spilled in his lap and video of him going wild in a kitchen. 

The most provocative photo, from 2013, could have been a scene out of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” — appearing to show a glass of whiskey, lines of cocaine, other drug paraphernalia and a Keith Richards CD arrayed on a glass-top table.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star acknowledged under cross examination in the Fairfax courtroom that the photo was snapped at a time when he had “fallen off the wagon.”


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