PHOTO ESSAY – Portland Mugshots: Several Arrestees, Including Serial Offenders, Released

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Several Arrestees, Including Serial Offenders, Released

Several protesters in Portland have been arrested over the last week following night after night of demonstrations, which saw activists hurling projectiles at officers and disrupting public transportation in the area.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who has firsthand experience with Antifa, provided an updated list of arrestees in Portland, many of whom were released without bail — a common theme through the 100+ days of protests.

Misty Dawn Poole-Bohannon was arrested today in Portland, Ore. & charged with trespass and interfering with public transportation.

Andrew R. Duran, 18, was among the 11 individuals arrested during the September 8-9 protests. He was charged with resisting a peace officer and resisting arrest and released without bail. Peter Curtis, a 40-year-old protester, and Tracy L. Molina, 37 — both of whom have been arrested for protesting on more than one occasion — were also released.

Tracy L. Molina, 37, arrested again. David Brooksher, 36, of Oakland, Cal.

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