Phenom 300 crashes immediately after takeoff at Provo Municipal Airport

On Monday an Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 crashed on takeoff at the Provo Municipal Airport (PVU) in Provo, Utah. The aircraft was destroyed and the two passengers on board had minor injuries, one pilot was seriously injured and another pilot died.

The fixed-wing multi-engine (N555NR) crashed immediately after takeoff Monday morning around 11:35 according to the Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives. Provo City tweeted that the airport would be closed for an impending investigation by the FAA and NTSB.

Provo Airport manager Brian Torgersen told Fox13 that the aircraft only made it 10 feet above the ground before it went down. The airport planned to remain closed until Tuesday afternoon to allow time for the investigation and to clear debris, Torgersen told KUTV.

According to KUTV, fights in and out of the airport were canceled because of the crash on the main runway. Many passengers had to find other ways to travel or book flights out of Salt Lake International (SLC).

The NTSB tweeted that the organization was investigating. There was snow and weather at the time of the takeoff to not appear to be a factor but the circumstances and cause of the crash are still unknown.

ATC Audio from before and during take off as well as after the crash was released. The plane was cleared for takeoff and shortly after the announcement was made over radio that the plane had crashed and all runways were closed. It was then announced the airport would be closed. 

Last week in an unrelated crash, another Phenom300 slid off the runway and broke a perimeter fence, stopping short of an avenue in Los Angeles


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