Pew: 75% of Republicans Say Socials Have Too Much Control Over News; 43% Call Censorship ‘Very Big Problem’


Three-quarters of U.S. adults who are, or lean, Republican say social media sites, like Facebook, have too much control over the news that users see, a new national Pew Research survey finds. The survey of 5,107 U.S. adults who are members of Pew Research Center’s American Trends Panel, conducted July 8-21, 2019, finds that 75% of Republicans say social media sites have “too much control” over news posts viewed – and 66% say that results in a “worse mix” of the news they see. Social media site censorship of news content is considered a “very big problem” by 43% of Republicans and Republican-leaners – and, nearly two-thirds (64%) say the posts they see are generally more liberal than moderate or conservative. The liberal news bias is also recognized by all U.S.