Peter Navarro Says Vaccinating Children Is ‘Murder in Some Cases’

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Former White House trade adviser Peter Navarro is speaking out against vaccinating children.

“Let me focus first on these jabs for kids. It’s child abuse at a minimum and murder in some cases,” Navarro said during an appearance on Newsmax.

He added, “If you’re a parent and you have a young male child, you have a one in 2,700 chance of that child developing what’s called myocarditis which is inflamation of the heart lining. It’s something that could be with that child through his adult life. Now if you just look at those numbers you think, ‘Eh one in 27, that’s not so bad,’ but think about it.”

Navarro then argued, “It’s like, for every one high school, large high school, that lets you go in and force the jabs in there, at least one of those kids would come down with myocarditis.”

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