Peter Gerard Scully made Philippines children dig own grave: victims

Daisy said Scully’s partner once covered her head with a pillow to stop her screaming and crying as Scully continued the abuse.

She said she choked but the abuses continued.

One night, Daisy said she and Queenie (both their names have been changed for this story) were forced to drink alcohol.

She said she lost consciousness and woke up the next morning in the backyard hole she and her cousin were digging.

Daisy said she was told she was put there because she had been crying a lot and calling “for my mama”.

The abuses got worse on the fourth day of the girls’ captivity, Daisy said.

“They were filming, taking photographs while we dug our graves and they again brought us to their room … this time I was tied with nylon cord, my hands, my feet – I could not move,” she said.

Daisy said she and Queenie escaped when a door was left open and ran to a local market where their parents work.

Police said when they raided the house, Scully and his partner, a former alleged victim of Scully who is co-operating with police, had fled.

Investigators are piecing together Scully’s life since he arrived in the Philippines in 2011 from Melbourne, where he had been implicated in an alleged fraud that cost investors $2.68 million.

Scully has been the subject of adverse findings by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and Consumer Affairs Victoria.

A home-buying scheme he set up in Melbourne targeted poor people who could not qualify for home loans.

In 2012, the Supreme Court of Victoria banned Scully from operating his custom-designed “Key Home Buyer Program” but he had already left the country.


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