Pete Buttigieg Tells Pro-Life Democrat That She Doesn’t Belong in the Democratic Party

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At a recent campaign event, South Bend Mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (D-Ind.) told a woman who identified as a pro-life Democrat that her views on abortion are not welcome in the Democratic Party, as the Daily Wire reports. Describing herself as a “pro-life Democrat,” Kristin Day addressed Buttigieg by asking him if he wanted “the support of pro-life Democrats,” of which she said there are about 21 million in the country. She also asked if would support “more moderate platform language in the Democratic Party to ensure that the diversity and inclusion really does include everybody.” Buttigieg responded by saying that while he wanted her vote, he would not “try to earn your vote by tricking you.” Buttigieg then described himself as “pro-choice” and said that “a woman ought to be able to make that decision.” He added that “the best I can offer is that if we can’t agree on where to draw the line, the next best thing we can do is agree on who should draw the line, and in my view it’s the woman who’s faced with that decision in her own life.”