Pete Buttigieg helps 9-year-old boy come out as gay at Denver rally

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The Washington Times

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg helped a 9-year-old boy come out as gay during a Denver rally Saturday night. Mr. Buttigieg, who is gay, read Zachary Ro’s question out loud and then invited the boy to join him on stage. “Would you help me tell the world I’m gay, too? I want to be brave like you,” the question read. Zachary entered the stage as the crowd cheered and chanted, “Love is love.” “I don’t think you need a lot of advice from me on bravery,” Mr. Buttigieg told the boy. “You seem pretty strong. It took me a long time to figure out how to tell even my best friend that I was gay, let alone to go out there and tell the world, and to see you willing to come to terms with who you are in a room full of a thousand people, thousands of people you’ve never met, that’s really something.”


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