‘People who deny there are criminals in the caravan are naive – MS-13 are everywhere.’ Ex-member of vicious gang says Trump is RIGHT and he knows nearly a dozen gangsters hiding among the migrants on way to US border


An 18-year-old who claims he is a former member of the vicious MS-13 gang says he knows of at least ten of his former cohorts who are hiding out in the mass of disheveled migrants marching north through Mexico

‘I don’t agree with anything Donald Trump stands for but on this occasion the President is right,’ he told DailyMail.com

The teen, who goes by ‘Pepito’, said most of his former associates were trying to leave the gang life behind but MS-13 bosses treat deserters as enemies and will have people mingling with the crowds to try to spot them

He explained: ‘My brother is still in MS-13 and he told me they have contacts looking for people right now in the caravan. They can come after you and they can take your life for this’

The migrant caravan formed in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on October 12, but the group of around 150 migrants swelled to 7,200 by the time they crossed into Mexico one week later

President Trump has maintained the convoy contains ‘criminals and unknown Middle Easterners’ that pose a terror threat and he plans to ‘send as many troops as necessary’ to the US border to dispel the migrants

On Thursday it was reported Trump was preparing an executive order to ban the caravan from entering the US, as his plan would block the migrants – who are still nearly a month away – from seeking asylum