Pentagon Raiding Arms Stockpiles in Israel and South Korea to Supply Ukraine

The Pentagon has admitted in order to keep enough weapons for its own readiness but also supply Ukraine it was raiding its weapons stockpiles in other countries.

Deputy Defense Press Secretary Sabrina Singh revealed to reporters on Thursday the Pentagon was taking weapons from its stockpiles in Israel and South Korea to meet weapons demand in Ukraine’s war with Russia.

“We are supplying Ukraine pretty regularly with different ammunitions, materials, capabilities and equipment, and part of that is making sure that we can do so quickly. And we have been working with [Republic of Korea] and Israel when it comes to withdrawing from our stocks and communicating that with them,” Deputy Defense Press Secretary Sabrina Singh said.

On whether it meant the U.S. was running low on weapons stockpiles at home, she responded, “I wouldn’t say that. I mean, the Secretary has always said we’re not going to drop below our readiness levels. … We have to go to other sources, other places to make sure that Ukraine has what it needs and to also be able to backfill our own stocks and work on backfilling partners and allies.”


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