Pennsylvania Voter Databases Experience ‘Widespread Outage’ As Midterms Near

A “widespread outage” is impacting voter databases across Pennsylvania, according to the commonwealth’s Department of State.

The department issued a memo Friday to all counties warning that the Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors (SURE) services that maintain accurate voting records is down.

“Commonwealth Enterprise is experiencing a widespread outage which is impacting various services of SURE. This outage is currently impacting report, correspondence, and poll book generation,” the memo states.

“A priority call was assembled to triage and investigate the cause. Enterprise teams are now working to resolve the outage,” it continues.

SURE, an agency within the Pennsylvania Department of State, describes its responsibilities as follows: “Overview of the statewide systems, Description of our top-down configuration and support all 67 counties, Highlight partnership w/counties, We assist with training & user development, Continuous improvement in processing and workflow for election administrators.”

It’s also tasked with ensuring “the integrity and accuracy of all registration records in the system by prohibiting unauthorized entry, modification or deletion of registration records.”


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