Pelosi rips GOP: ‘Handmaidens of special interests,’ despite Wall Street money favoring Biden 4-1

Just the News:

The Speaker of the House denied that Biden outraising Trump on Wall Street damages the credibility of Democrats seeking campaign finance reform.

Despite Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden raising much more from Wall Street donors than President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Republicans the “handmaidens of the special interests.”

Pelosi joined Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.) and several activist groups to call for passage of H.R. 1, the For the People Act, in the next Congress to remove “big dark money out of politics.” The bill passed the House but not the Senate during the current session of Congress.

CNBC reports that Wall Street donors favored Biden over Trump in the campaign, contributing over $74 million to Biden compared to about $18 million for Trump.

Just the News asked Pelosi if Biden accepting more Wall Street contributions than Trump damages the credibility of Democrats seeking campaign finance reform.

“I have no idea how much dark money Wall Street put on the Republican side, so it would be hard to quantify who actually supported whom,” she said on a conference call Monday organized by the Declaration for American Democracy. “All I know is that they have so overwhelmingly supported Republicans. Now, there are Democrats on Wall Street, and some of them came forward to support Joe Biden because they believe in a better future for our country, but institutionally, I think, if we could see the dark side, we would see where their support has gone.” 

Pelosi said the public shouldn’t view both parties the same when it comes to the influence of money in politics.

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