Pelosi could become ‘Franz Ferdinand’ figure that sparks potential WW3 if China harms her on Taiwan trip, experts warn

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NANCY Pelosi could become the ‘Franz Ferdinand’ figure in a potential World War 3 if she’s harmed by the Chinese military on her trip to Taiwan, experts warn.

The Democrat, 82, has touched down in Taiwan, becoming the first Speaker in 25 years to visit the contested territory.

Beijing views Taiwan as a “renegade” state and President Xi has vowed to take the island back by force if necessary.

For decades, Washington has pursued a strategy of “strategic ambiguity” – where it has persuaded pro-separatist Taiwanese forces not to declare independence while also deterring Beijing not to seize the island by force.

China has vowed to impose a no-fly zone in a bid to scupper her visit and state media propagandists have warned that Pelosi’s jet could be attacked.

Commentator Hu Xijin warned that if US fighter planes escort Pelosi’s plane into Taiwan, it’s an “invasion”.

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