Pedophilia-defending journalist attacks JK Rowling for speaking out against biological male rapists

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The Post Millennial:

A noted advocate of destigmatizing pedophilia wrote an op ed in The Independent slamming Rowling for stating that biological males who commit rapes with their penises are men.

Perhaps the gravest sin in social media justice circles is believing that men cannot become women. The sin is so great, that a noted advocate of destigmatizing pedophilia wrote an op ed in The Independent slamming a woman for stating that males who commit rapes with their penises are men.

At issue is a recent announcement by police in Scotland that any male who says he is female will be referred as such by both officers and victims of crime, no matter what kind of crime that male commits, including the crime of rape. Courts, too, will require that persons with penises who say they are female will be referred to as female by judge, jury, witnesses, victims, and officers of the court.

JK Rowling is one of these women who is fully and securely sure in her understanding of human biology, and the innate differences between men and women. As such, she doesn’t believe that male prisoners should be jailed along side women, or that women who have been raped by males should be forced by police or court of law to refer to those males as women. Rowling believes, as do many, that if a male rapes a woman, there is no conceivable reality in which that male is a woman.

What the hell has become of the British Empire? From Australia to New Zealand to Scotland to Ireland and England herself, they’ve all become raging woke fascists.

Even if he calls himself a woman, demands to be referred to with female pronouns, wears his hair long, his nails painted, dons dresses and lipstick, Rowling, like many others who have a keen understanding of reality, know that this male is not a woman.

Yet for her trouble in standing up for the rights of female victim of sex crimes, she has been pilloried in the press and by delusional activists who say that males who say they are women are actually and in fact women, even those who commit rape with their male penises.

These critics include NBC contributor and pedophilia apologist Noah Berlatsky who works with Prostasia, who was given a column in The Independent to state his case that Rowling is essentially just mean when she says that rapists should not be given the benefit of their preferred pronouns.

Berlatsky writes that “Rowling — through her tweets, her advocacy and her fiction — seems to imagine a world in which trans women are privileged predators working with a compliant police force to assault innocent cis women. In fact, trans women are a small, marginalized, vulnerable minority, who face terrifying rates of sexual violence from, among others, the police who are supposed to help them.”

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