‘Party girl’ gets jail for faking cancer in elaborate fraud, spending disability money on vacations, booze, drugs


Hanna Dickinson, 37, lied to family, friends and welfare authorities about having an extremely rare form of cancer

Hanna Dickinson, a Melbourne resident and malignant narcissist who faked having cancer to defraud the Australian government, was slapped with another year in jail, The Age reports.

This particular punishment for Hannah Dickenson was for the cancer fraudster claiming $100,000 in disability sport from the government. 

She pulled off this scam while she was also busy duping friends and family to hand over their own hard-earned cash.

Hanna Dickinson’s life as a cancer fraudster had its inception while she was wrapped up in extreme drug and alcohol use. Dickinson was leading a party lifestyle of drugs and alcohol in 2013 when she told her family she was gravely ill with leiomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer, and she needed money to go overseas for treatment.Cancer conwoman gets more jail time for $100k disability pension.

But Hanna Dickinson never had cancer. She was a calculating fraudster.

Concerned for her welfare as she supposedly suffered from leiomyosarcoma, her friends and family pooled their resources and forked over $41,770 all told.

What did Hanna Dickinson do with her cancer fraud money? She jetted off to Thailand and Hong Kong on vacation and drank, sniffed or ingested much of the cash by consuming alcohol, cocaine and MDMA.

The Sun reports that Dickinson told her own mother that she had three months to live.

 The court heard that Hanna had forged medical documents in order to claim over £55,069 in disability pension across four years.CRUEL CON: Benefits fraudster jailed for lying about having terminal cancer and telling her own mum she had three months to live.

In defrauding the Australian social security payments system, called Centrelink, Hanna Dickinson claimed she suffered from a bowel tumor and a cancer known as soft tissue sarcoma of the shoulder. 

As with her mother, she threw in the bit about having three months to live to milk the government’s welfare state for all it was worth.

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