Paranoid Putin’s bizarre daily routine from sleepy mornings to poison testing every meal


Vladimir Putin loves a lie in and refuses to climb out of bed long before breakfast is served at midday.

Many revelations about the Russian President’s diet can be accused of being dubious at best given they come from the country’s propaganda machine.

But thanks to the digging of author Ben Judah we have enough to go on to picture an eccentric yet typical day in the life of the man who ordered Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Starting later than most, Putin likes to roll out of bed at 12pm and soon after eat. Cottage cheese is always on the table alongside an omelette or porridge.

The best kind of breakfast for Putin however involves a dish of quail eggs. which he washes down with fruit juice.

As with everything he eats, a food tester will first sample the above to make sure it has not been laced with poison.

Everything, of course, is served as fresh as can be from the farmland estates of the Russia’s Orthodox religious leader Patriarch Kirill.


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