Pander Fail: Jill Biden Mangles Basic Spanish, and What’s with the Flag?


Jill Biden Mocked over Attempt at Speaking Spanish with Flag Choice Questioned as Backdrop

Trying to say si se puede “yes we can” in Spanish, Jill Biden said something like “Si se padre!” which would translate to “Yes I know, father” except she actually said “Si se pu-adre” which is untranslatable.

First Lady Jill Biden journeyed to California on Wednesday in a visit to a pop-up vaccination site for farmworkers designed to encourage others to join the national mass coronavirus vaccination program.

Video of her effort to speak Spanish to around 100 farm workers during the stop in Delano attracted almost as much attention as the flag that provided the backdrop. It came on the birthday of César Chávez, a left-wing labor leader, and she was joined by California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“It’s ‘Si se puede’ (Yes you/we can) not ‘Si se pwadueh,’” RGA Deputy Communications Director Joanna Rodriguez tweeted. “I can’t even imagine what word she was trying to say. Seriously why even try pandering if you’re going to butcher it and not practice before?!”

Others were quick to join the commentary:

“Si se what???? I’m sure some one will surely tell Jill Biden ‘puadray’ is NOT a word in the Spanish dictionary,” Journalist Dania Alexandrino, a native Spanish speaker, tweeted. “For those who are celebrating her effort, yeah NO! Very far from ‘Si se Puede’ which means ‘Yes (we) can.’ We in parenthesis because it can also be yes you can!”

The Fresno Bee also pointed to what it called the “gaffe.”

The Daily Wire reports the clip soon went viral prompting journalists and commentators to question the red and black flag used as a backdrop.

Critics claimed it appeared to resemble Nazi imagery and the Reichsadler (Eagle of the German Empire), national insignia of Nazi Germany, flown from 1935 until 1945.

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