Palestinian rioters vandalize Joseph’s Tomb amid clashes with IDF


Palestinian rioters vandalized Joseph’s Tomb in the West Bank city of Nablus on Saturday night amid clashes with the IDF, damaging the gravestone, a chandelier hanging above it, a water tank and an electricity closet.

The vandalism comes amid the second night of arrest raids made by Israeli security forces in the West Bank, following a fatal terror attack on Thursday night in Tel Aviv that claimed three lives. 

The terrorist, Raad Hazem, 28, was from the nearby Palestinian city of Jenin. 

“We will not accept this kind of an attack on a place that is holy to us, particularly on the eve of Passover,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said. “We will reach the rioters. Of course, we will make sure to rebuild what they destroyed, as we always do,” 

Defense Minister Benny Gantz called the destruction of the holy site “extremely serious” and said that he “sent a ‘sharp message’ to the Palestinian Authority about it.”


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