Overall Migrant Numbers in Germany This Year Expected To Top 2015 Migrant Crisis

Germany is expected to take in as many as 1.2 million migrants in 2022, a figure that would top the 2015 migrant crisis as around a million Ukrainians have sought safety during the Russian invasion along with around 200,000 other asylum seekers.

During the migrant crisis in 2015, Germany took in around 890,000 asylum seekers but that number is set to be outpaced this year as around a million Ukrainian refugees have travelled to Germany since the Russian invasion in February.

A further 200,000 or so asylum seekers from other countries are also expected to arrive in Germany by the end of the year, with the country reporting a total of 181,612 asylum applications at the end of October, the European Union-funded website InfoMigrants reports.

The influx of Ukrainian refugees and asylum seekers has pushed the limit of Germany’s ability to house the incoming migrants with many municipalities and other local governments stating that they no longer have room.

Armin Schuster, Interior Minister for the region of Saxony, commented on the current situation saying, “We are approaching 200,000 asylum seekers this year. In the last legislature, this number was defined as the upper limit.”

Manfred Weber, a German member of the European Parliament and leader of the European People’s Party(EPP), the largest group in the chamber, stated, “Germany is currently sleepwalking into a new migration crisis.”


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