Over 100 NYC Orthodox Jews get kicked off German flight over mask dispute  

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NY Post

A group of about 100 Orthodox Jews from New York City says it was barred from boarding a connecting flight in Germany last week — because a few didn’t wear masks on the previous leg, according to reports. The group embarked from JFK Airport in Queens to begin a religious pilgrimage to Budapest, Hungary. They had a stopover in Frankfurt on Wednesday — but when they tried to board their next plane out of Germany for Hungary, they were not allowed to get on it. The group said they were all barred from the Lufthansa jet because a handful of them hadn’t worn masks on their inbound trip from New York. “Due to operational reasons coming from the flight from New York, for all passengers here we have to cancel you on this flight,” astonished members of the group said they were told at the gate, according to the Jewish news outlet Hamodia. American flights no longer require masks, but German law has kept the mandate intact for travel. It wasn’t clear if those members of the group who didn’t wear masks on the US flight were willing to put on face masks for the Lufthansa journey. But either way, when some mask-wearing members of the group began to object to being lumped together for their next leg, a Lufthansa staffer allegedly conceded they all were being punished for the actions of those who previously didn’t wear masks.

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