Outrage as live AUTOPSY is carried out on WW2 veteran, 98, who died of COVID at $500-a-ticket ‘Oddities and Curiosities’ event in Portland Marriott ballroom

Daily Mail

David Saunders, 98, of New Orleans, Louisiana died of COVID-19

As per his wishes, family gave Saunders’ body to science for medical research

But his widow Elsie was shocked to learn he was dissected in front of live audience, and told DailyMail.com she’s now considering legal action

People paid up to $500 per ticket to see live autopsy in Portland hotel on Oct 17

Event staged by Death Science, an ‘educational platform’ for ‘forensic science’

It was promoted on a titillating ‘Oddities and Curiosities’ website

Organizers claim that family agreed that corpse would be donated for research, but didn’t say whether Elsie knew it would be a pay-per-view event

A 98 year-old World War Two veteran who died of COVID donated his body to medical science – only for it to be dissected in front of a live audience at a $500-a-ticket event in a Portland Marriott hotel ballroom. The body of David Saunders, of Baton Rouge in Louisiana, was sliced open and examined before a paying crowd in the conference room of a Marriott hotel in Portland, where a ‘cadaver class’ was put on by a group called Death Science. That event was open to all members of the public, and was not reserved solely for scientists with a professional interest in the autopsy. Saunders’ stunned widow Elsie says she had no idea her late husband’s body would be used for a ‘pay-per-view’ autopsy, and has condemned the event. His corpse ended up in the ballroom after being donated to for-profit firm Med Labs in Las Vegas, who then sold the remains to ‘macabre artist’ and Death Science founder Jeremy Ciliberto. Saunders told DailyMail.com that she’s also considering legal action. The autopsy was held as part of an ‘Oddities and Curiosities’ event, whose titillating website describes its events as ‘for lovers of the strange, unusual and bizarre’. Grim video footage shot by an undercover journalist showed Saunders’ remains being cut-up under the spotlights of a ballroom normally used to host weddings and corporate events by an anatomist in a gray t-shirt. The live autopsy on Saunders’ body was performed for an audience at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront on October 17, KING 5 News was first to report. It is unclear when Saunders died, with the fact that he was killed by COVID causing concern that event attendees could have been exposed to the potentially-deadly virus. According to one of the attendees, a corpse draped in a white sheet was placed on a table in the center of the ballroom. VIP customers who paid $500 per ticket sat in the front row just a few inches away. Dr. Colin Henderson, a retired professor of anatomy who taught at the University of Montana in Missoula, removed the sheet from the body, exposing the corpse of a man who ‘had donated his body to science.’

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