OUT OF CONTROL: Self-driving cars glitch and fill street just weeks after robot vehicle crashes leaving two hurt

A CRASH involving a Cruise robotaxi has occurred in San Francisco just weeks since the last incident involving the self-driving car service.

Cruise launched its fully electric, fully autonomous taxi service in the Bay Area earlier this year and the rollout has been rocky.

An accident and tech malfunctions involving Cruise vehicles have hospitalized riders and blocked traffic for hours.

On June 3, Cruise self-driving taxi was slowing to a stop and preparing to make a left turn when it collided with a Toyota Prius traveling 40mph in a 25mph zone, InsideEVs reports.

A collision report filed by Cruise VP of Global Markets Todd Brugger says the riders from both vehicles were treated for injuries.

The police are still investigating the accident and have not assigned blame to either party yet.

The accident was followed by a glitch that caused Cruise vehicles to group together and freeze, blocking roads until they could be towed away.


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