Otto Warmbier’s mom pleads with judge to stop Biden WH extradition: ‘North Korea will kill Chris’

Pictured: Left – Christopher Ahn; Right – Otto Warmbier in North Korean custody; Inset – Warmbier’s Parents

Fox News:

Christopher Ahn is currently out on bail after a hearing Tuesday in Los Angeles

A Los Angeles federal courtroom was riveted Tuesday as Cindy Warmbier, mother of Otto Warmbier, gave a heartfelt plea of support to protect the life of a former U.S. Marine who was arrested for being an activist against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s regime.

Christopher Ahn faces extradition to Spain as a member of the group advocating freedom for North Korea. His supporters fear he could be killed by Kim Jong Un if the Biden administration continues to press a request by Spanish authorities to send him back to Madrid to face charges. No decision on his extradition was made, but lawyers have until June 4 to deliver added briefs to the judge.

“Our government failed us,” Mrs. Warmbier told the court. “They told us to keep quiet. They told us Otto will be home soon. No one ever stands up to North Korea. Well, I am standing up to North Korea. I am standing up for Chris Ahn, a good man. North Korea will kill Chris if he’s extradited. Please stop this injustice.

“I just want to say one thing, how appreciative I am of all the supporters and of all the people who have been very supportive of me and have reached out to me and have believed in me,” Ahn said after the hearing was over. “We all believe that truth, logic, common sense will make the day.”

Ahn, currently out on bail, added that he prayed the judge would make “the right decision.”

The former Marine’s attorney, Naeun Rim, also issued a statement to Fox News.

“We walked out of the courtroom today with more hope than we could have imagined,” Rim said. “The judge clearly understands the danger to Mr. Ahn and the weight of the responsibility on her shoulders. Mr. Ahn is a hero who is innocent of the North Korean allegations against him. I hope common sense and human decency will prevail and end this nightmare for Mr. Ahn and his family.”

Mrs. Warmbier was joined in court by her husband, Fred. They had traveled from their home in Ohio to Los Angeles to attend the hearing and show their public support for Ahn.

Their son Otto was a 22-year-old University of Virginia student in an educational program when he was falsely arrested by Kim’s regime, tortured and sent home to die in 2017. 

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