Oscars’ Orwellian diversity quota throws out merit: Devine

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New York Post:

There go the Oscars.

Forget merit, now filmmakers will have to subject their art to Orwellian tests of identitarian purity if it is to be eligible for a Best Picture award.

In the latest act of craven capitulation to the BLM-Antifa mob, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decreed Tuesday that no movie can win the top award unless it satisfies a set of ­genetically and sexually diverse ­quotas.

For example, lead actors must be from an “underrepresented racial or ethnic group . . . Asian, Latinx, Black, Native American, Middle Eastern, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander.”

At least 30 percent of the rest of the cast otherwise must be chosen from at least two of the following victim identities: women, underrepresented racial or ethnic group, “LGBTQ+” and the disabled.

Or the Academy gets to dictate the content of the movie so that the “main storyline, theme or narrative of the film” must satisfy the same intersectionality requirements on gender, race, sexuality and disability.

And that is just Standard A, one of four labyrinthine prescriptions for creating Academy-sanctioned art.

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