Oscars Aim For Less Politics, More Cinema In This Year’s Ceremony

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America may be deeply divided, but politics and the culture wars will not be center stage at this year’s Oscars if the organizers have their way.

“We’re not interested in distractions or partisan debate, we’re interested in Tom Cruise,” a 95th Academy Awards ceremony insider says of this weekend’s superstar and blockbuster rich show.

“We want to embrace the diversity of talent and nominees this year, and we want to try to go back to the days of escapism,” an AMPAS source adds of the dual ethos of the 2023 Jimmy Kimmel hosted shindig. Escapism may be a hard sell with Netflix’s anti-war film All Quiet On The Western Front on the ballot for Best Picture and other categories, but the Ricky Kirshner and Glenn Weiss produced broadcast is aiming to stay primarily politically agnostic and controversary free, we hear.