Oregon man arrested after Tesla going nearly 100 mph crashes, sends batteries flying

Oregon Live:

An Oregon man crashed a Tesla while going about 100 mph, destroying the vehicle, a power pole and starting a fire when some of the hundreds of batteries from the vehicle broke windows and landed in residences, police said. Dylan Milota was driving a 2019 Tesla S Tuesday night when he lost control, left the road and traveled more than 300 feet before stopping, according to Corvallis Police Lt. Ryan Eaton.

Police in Corvallis, Oregon, said Dylan Milota was high on marijuana when he crashed the 2019 Tesla S he was driving at more than 100 mph into a utility pole on Nov. 17, breaking the pole and spraying hundreds of small batteries through the windows of two nearby residences. One landed on a bed, starting a fire in the bedsheets, KMTR reported.

A tire from the car struck the second story of a nearby apartment building so forcefully it broke water pipes inside the wall, destroying the bathroom on the other side and causing flooding in the lower level, police said. Citizens were warned not to pick up any stray batteries, which can stay hot for up to 24 hours and release toxic fumes. Milota fled on foot but was quickly apprehended and charged with various offenses.

Police urged residents to be aware of potentially hazardous batteries that could still remain in the area of the crash. The batteries could cause burns, release toxic fumes and could leak harmful substances, police said.

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