Oregon journalist Andy Ngo sues Antifa for $900,000 for ‘campaign of terror’

The Washington Times

Journalist Andy Ngo filed a lawsuit Thursday against the Rose City Antifa, seeking $900,000 in damages for waging a “campaign of terror and harassment” against him, including a series of physical attacks. A complaint filed in Oregon Circuit Court said Mr. Ngo has been assaulted, stalked, threatened and robbed by members of the Rose City Antifa in Portland, suffering a brain hemorrhage after being attacked in June 2019 by a black-masked mob. The lawsuit, filed by San Francisco attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon and the Center for American Liberty, described Rose City Antifa as a racketeering operation under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act. “What happened to Andy Ngo is disturbing and should send chills down the spines of every journalist in the country,” said Ms. Dhillon, the Republican National Committeewoman from California, in a statement. In addition to the Rose City Antifa, the complaint names five individuals and identifies them as Antifa activists.


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