Orange County Has Released Thousands Of Criminal Illegal Aliens Because Of California’s Sanctuary Law

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In the two years since California’s SB 54 has been in effect, Orange County, California, has released more than 2,100 illegal aliens from its custody, despite ICE detainers placed on all of them. More than 400 of these illegal aliens were later re-arrested and charged with various heinous crimes such as rape, child sex offenses, domestic assault and other charges. Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes issued a statement alongside ICE acting Director Matthew Albence on Wednesday, with both men ripping into the sanctuary law.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has been forced to release thousands of criminal illegal aliens in the past two years, with both the sheriff’s department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement blaming California’s statewide sanctuary law. California’s SB 54, legislation that largely restricts cooperation between ICE and law enforcement, went into effect in January 2018. Since that time, Orange County has released over 2,100 illegal aliens back into the community despite ICE detainers placed on every single one of them, the agency announced in a Wednesday press release. The sheriff’s department released 1,106 inmates without notifying ICE in 2018 and released another 1,015 again in 2019 without notifying the agency.


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