Open Borders: Judge Strikes Down Title 42

A Democrat-nominated judge has unveiled a decision ordering the border agency to stop using the Title 42 anti-disease barrier to exclude wage-cutting economic migrants from the United States.

The Title 42 anti-disease rule was established by former President Donald Trump and is the only effective legal barrier to stop millions of poor migrants from gambling their lives and savings to get jobs and homes in the United States.

Once migrants trek to the border, they are allowed to enter a tangled, complex immigration system that prevents their deportation for several years. But President Joe Biden’s deputies also release nearly all of the migrants, despite laws requiring the detention of asylum seekers.

That catch-and-release policy gives migrants plenty of time to pay off their smuggling debts, summon more home-country migrants, have U.S.-citizen children, and hide from the nation’s deportation agency.

The decision, unveiled a week after Election Day, immediately bars the Department of Homeland Security from enforcing the Title 42 anti-disease barrier at the border. The decision was approved by Emmet Sullivan, a far-left, Democrat-nominated judge overseeing an ACLU lawsuit.


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