Open borders Beto calls US-Canada asylum rule ‘racist’


The most insufferable candidate of 2020 continues to harp on President Trump’s immigration policies in the hopes of reviving his plummeting poll numbers. This time, he is deeming the administration’s updated asylum policy as “racist.”

Trump’s executive order would effectively enforce the Safe Third Country policy he’s spent many months trying to negotiate with Mexico. The policy doesn’t bar refugees from applying for asylum in America; it simply dictates that asylum seekers may not apply in the United States if they’ve already traveled through one or many other countries.

The Supreme Court overruled an injunction from the Ninth Circuit Court that had blocked Trump from enacting his order, with Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissenting. The case isn’t closed, but for now, the executive branch is allowed to enforce its asylum policy. Beto O’Rourke views this as a big problem — or at least, he views his anemic poll numbers as a big problem — and so it’s time to denounce this fairly common legal standard as racist.

O’Rourke is saying that a policy that allows Mexicans to apply for asylum but not Salvadorans who travel through the Northern Triangle and then Mexico is racist. Got it.

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