Only 3% of Black Homicides are by Police – 10% of White & Hispanic Homicides are by Police

The Gateway Pundit:

Heather MacDonald, the author of The Diversity Delusion, discussed the current racial climate of lies in America.

Heather is an outspoken critic of the “woke mob” and their lies about policing in America today.

Heather MacDonald:  We have a crime problem in this country. We do not have a police problem.   We have been talking about phantom police racism for the past three decades obsessively so as to turn our eyes away from the cultural breakdown that you so rightly spoke about.

America does not want to confront the dysfunction of the inner-city black community.   here are some numbers, a much greater percentage of white and Hispanic homicide victims are killed by a cop than black homicide victims. 

10% of all whites and Hispanics who die from homicide are killed by a cop compared to 3% of black homicide victims who are killed by a cop. 

Why?  Because the number of black homicide victims each year is so huge that it dwarfs anything else.  Blacks die of homicide at a rate 13 TIMES that of whites.  The rate of police shootings for unarmed blacks, there were 18 unarmed blacks killed last year by police.  Unarmed was defined very liberally to mean going after an officer’s gun or fleeing in a stolen car with a loaded handgun on the seat next to you. 

Those 18 unarmed blacks represent 0.2% of all blacks who died of homicide last year.

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