Online sleuths claim Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger attended victims’ vigil

Some online sleuths claim mass slaying suspect Bryan Kohberger can be spotted in images taken during a vigil for the four University of Idaho students he allegedly killed.

The hawk-eyed internet users theorize a man who they believe resembles the 28-year-old suspect can be seen in video taken during a Nov. 30 vigil at the university.

Clips viewed thousands of times and shared online have many Twitter users asking if a man walking through the service wearing a blue jacket could be Kohberger.

“The blue coat guy at the vigil for the slain Idaho college students appears to have identical profile as Bryan Kohberger being escorted into court today,” one Twitter poster asserted. “Same weak chin, same long nose, same hollowed out eyes and same height of hairline. It’s Bryan at that vigil!”

The assertion triggered a debate, with some arguing the “blue coat guy” appeared to be older than Kohberger. Others shot down the theory because the murder suspect’s hairline and profile are seemingly different than those of the man pictured.

“Definitely not him,” one poster replied. “Dude in blue has a receding hairline and his ears are slanted. At first I thought it was him, but looking at these pics side by side, definitely not.”

Others shared side-by-side screenshots of the man in the video and photos of Kohberger in court, claiming the profiles are an exact match.


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